Christie Falls

Central Okanagan

Christie Falls

Central Okanagan

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About Christie Falls

It is no secret that Canada is one of the most beautiful places on Earth when it comes to nature. From striking valleys and breathtaking mountains to the sparkling glacier lakes, marvelous waterfalls and more. It simply has it all. Meet Christie Falls, one of those nature‘s creations you could simply stare for hours and it‘s hidden right here in the northwest mountains of Kelowna, BC, waiting to be discovered. Christie falls is a spectacular gift situated on the edge of the area known as Fintry protected area. Fintry provincial park is at the east end of the shorts creek canyon where it opens onto the okanagan lake below westside rd. and features the very popular shorts creek waterfall. The stunning waterfall doesn‘t come on a silver platter, rather the visitors have to earn the prize by completing a hike through the unique paths with every section being on a different difficulty. As charming as the mountains are in winter, with their snow-white blankets, it is strongly recommended to only visit the waterfall in summer when all the snow has melted. Even in the early spring months like April, there‘s a big chance that mountains still possess snow, possibly making the trail unreachable. Your earliest explorations should be somewhere Mid-May to June, with the best time being the rest of the summer, when both the road and the trail itself is clear and accessible.

Getting There

The Christie Falls trail is relatively short and quite easy to navigate through. But first, we need to find the parking lot! After passing the dam at the 24 logging marker, try to look for the Christie sign and turn right. After driving further you will reach the logging marker 27 and this is where you need to spot a gravel road on your left, take a turn there. The last step you need to complete before reaching the trailhead is to locate Christie Falls wooden sign down the gravel road and from there only a couple of kilometers will separate you and the adventure! The parking is spacious with plenty of room for vehicles, meanwhile, the start of the trail is not marked, but there should be no difficulty to find it as it is pretty clear where it begins. Expect the hike to begin smooth and gentle, with a steady and comfortable downhill. Hundreds of charred and burnt trees will surround you on your way, reminiscing of the Terrace Mountain fire back in 2009. Some trees will present little challenges along the way while crossing them over or under. You will also discover a charming creek that feeds the waterfall with the logs creating a bridge for travelers. After that, you will soon reach the key moment of the hike, the steep descent aided by ropes on the side. With precautions and slow movements, the descent is possible to achieve for the most (might be to difficult for pregnant women and younger children) and there it is! You will find yourself with amazing views and an impressive waterfall in full force to remember. There is also a possibility to enter a small cave and go behind the fall for even more epic experience. Enjoy!


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