Crawford Falls

Kelowna, BC

Crawford Falls

Kelowna, BC

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About Crawford Falls

Crawford Falls also known as the Canyon Falls is located in the South Kelowna. This place is a short drive from downtown, approximately 20 minutes. It has two mesmerizing waterfalls which are quite large. There is a waterfall which is about 40-foot large and is not safe to access in winters and the other one is 20-foot large. There are no bathrooms and power outlets available on the trail but cell phone reception is great which is why you see people uploading Instagram pictures instantly. It is not a long hike but it definitely is challenging because of the terrain. In order to hike in this mountainous area, you must have the right gear, such as the right pair of clothes and shoes, gloves and cap to keep you warm and safe in the winters during your travel and stay. During winters, hiking is quite difficult in Crawford Falls. What makes the descent most difficult is the icy and steep slope. Tourist and hikers prefer to use ice crampons to stay safe and make the hike easier. The trail has metal staircase all around the place now since 2017 for easy access to the area. The staircase is found near the waterfall area which is at the far end which means the initial steep trail will have to be navigated safely. The waterfall which is safe to access is hidden in the canyon. To reach the waterfall which is 20-foot large you need to move down the metal staircase towards the water where a trail leads you towards the fall. Standing at the top of the staircase waterfall is visible. This frozen waterfall is a masterpiece in winters with its frozen waters. When some of the ice melts, it creates a window for the visitor to view the waterfall making it a mesmerizing and breathtaking view. This waterfall is very much visible through the trees and the sound of it is audible from far away. It is a dreamy place to be at and the best part is it is near to downtown which makes it accessible. Do not attempt to visit the upper waterfalls as it is quite unsafe to do so in the winters.

Getting There

The Crawford Fall is located on Bellevue Creek, in the residential area of a cul-de-sac. In this area, there is limited parking for just about five cars so it is better if you stay within the prescribed area otherwise you’d likely be ticketed. The 4.5 km hike is meant for moderate hikers and the dogs with leash are allowed in the area. In winters, you need to be cautious because the vehicles can easily slide on the ice. People call this place a hidden gem and love the waterfalls here which are the main feature of the Crawford Fall. On the way, you may take breaks to enjoy the view and photo shoot. When you start the trail you may see the sign for the waterfall. This way leads you towards the creek which leads you towards the downside of the creek. You may follow this way and it will lead you towards the first waterfall of the place. The trail further tales you to the larger waterfalls. You will just have to be careful in climbing up and down the slope as it could be dangerous and will need to wear a glove while holding the rope to prevent any injury to your hand. At the Crawford Falls, you will witness not only beautiful and mesmerizing waterfalls but also get the see a breathtaking view, cliff faces, canyon, creeks and climbing area for hikers. An easily accessible place in the heart of the city where there is limited parking but unlimited view for you to take pictures. You must, however, stay cautious of the ice and snow and wear the right kind of attire to stay warm in the winters. It is a great place that any adventurer will love in the winters. Make sure you take loads of pictures and witness the great waterfall if you visit in summers.


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