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Fintry Falls

Central Okanagan, BC


Dogs Allowed

About Fintry Falls

fintry falls leads you to a wooden staircase through the forested canyon to spectacular views of its three waterfalls and deep pools. the set of trails begins just after the fintry campground. once at the top, you have the option to jump the fence and cross a narrow cement beam to reach a tiny waterfall and pool. you can also detour off-trail and view the remains of an old suspension bridge hanging over shorts creek. deer and the protected california bighorn sheep are prominent in fintry park, it is also home to moose, bears, lynx, coyotes and other wild animals - cougar sightings are not uncommon. birding opportunities include sighting the red-listed western grebe, ruffed grouse, northern goshawk, great horned owl and the pileated woodpecker. a short hike, options to extend your day include taking historical trails to visit the likes of fintry's manor house. a bald eagle's nest is also located near the fintry packing house.

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