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Hardy Falls

Peachland, BC

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About Hardy Falls

The walk to the falls will take from 5 - 10 minutes, or if you enjoy it half as much as most people, it could take 30 minutes. The short walk along an excellent walkway will cross Deep Creek several times as you make your way to the Falls. How many bridges are there? This walk is advisable for everyone, young and old, and is wheelchair accessible. The jaunt will take you through a steep-banked canyon to the falls. There are salmon berry bushes along the trail and in Sept/Oct the annual salmon run fills the creek with fish. There are benches to stop, take a break, enjoy the scenery and chat with others along the way.

Getting There

Head south from Peachland for about 4km, and turn right onto Hardy Street., The trail head is located at at the end of Hardy Street.

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