Kalamoir Park

West Kelowna, BC
EASY 1615

Kalamoir Park

West Kelowna, BC

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About Kalamoir Park

A hike offering great views of Okanagan Lake, Kalamoir park provides a walkway through the black cottonwood forest over remnants of ancient volcanic disruptions. wildflowers are in bloom during the summer and include arrowleaf balsamroot and sagebrush mariposa lilies, the Oregon grape comes into bloom late August. prickly cactus pear and poison ivy are present in the park - please watch where you tread. the trail is also great for bird watching. birds are prominent in the park for birdwatchers and sightings include that of the great horned owl. bears and other animals can be active in the area, in 2009 a cougar was found and shot after attacking a dog. dogs are allowed on a leash and there is a dog park located near the shoreline.

Getting There

This trail can be accessed via Kalamoir beach at the end of Collens Hill Road in West kelowna.


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