Kelowna Boulder Fields

Central Okanagan, BC, Canada

Kelowna Boulder Fields

Central Okanagan, BC, Canada

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About Kelowna Boulder Fields

This is by far the best bouldering available in the country. Kelowna’s Boulderfields is huge with hard solid rocks piled up over each other. It is located on the edge of Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park. The Boulderfields is geologically a unique landmark because it is widely believed that the boulders resulted from the major rock collapsing below. The Boulderfields are quite high, about 4000 feet which means it receives a great amount of snowfall in the winters which is why the roads are blocked during the winter season. You can visit the Boulderfields from April to November and enjoy the cool spring and hot summers. The area is easily accessible but with an increase in the number of people visiting this area, the climbers need to be extra careful. The entire field is the size of a square kilometer of rock and it is still in the developmental phase. At present, there are around 50 bouldering areas in The Fields. There are hundreds of established problems, ranging from V easy to V11/12, and the locals are dedicated developers, so new problems are constantly being put up. As such, the guidebook includes only a small fraction of the problems. There is signage around the area everywhere which means that it is easy to navigate. If you want to explore the area yourself then you can hike on an undiscovered track and find a pool of untouched and unexploited rocks.

Getting There

Go up Gillard Forest Service Road which is accessed from Chute Lake Road. Turn left at 8.8km, then park at the upper parking area at 10.6km or drive down to the main lower parking area. This area is now designated a B.C. recreation site and as such has limited camping. There are 3 campsites at the trailhead with space for additional RVs. There is no running water or amenities excepting a toilet. Campers must pack out what they pack in. Fires are only permitted in the firepit. In the higher up areas of The Boulderfields, the trails are distinct and there is less talus making is relatively easy to navigate through these areas. But, as you move deeper into the talus, it gets hard to navigate. But that does not stop people from visiting the area and getting amused. There are ample of direction signs that help the hikers and climbers to navigate through the region. There are many features on the field that are highlighted but according to many climbers, the ‘Nerve Roof Boulder’ is the most prominent one among many others. It is found on the main trail that leads down to the basin and has a featured roof which looks untouched. The climbers in the Boulderfields experience funky pockets and in cut flakes along with edges and pinches. Also keep in mind that there is wildlife such as black bears, cougars, and moose are often seen in the area.

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