Little White Mountain

Kootenay Boundary, BC, Canada

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About Little White Mountain

Little White, being Big White's younger brother, is the closest thing you'll find to a stand-alone peak this close to Kelowna. This is an amazing hike and definitely one of our favourites. After navigating the winding backroads to get there, you'll find yourself at the trailhead in a small clearing with signs marking the trailhead. You'll begin up a rather steep incline that offers nice views the entire way up. As a stand-alone peak it's pretty hard to get lost, just keep going uphill. Don't be too scared to wander off the path a bit and explore! Once you reach the first ridge-line, the path levels off for a couple kilometres as you make your way towards the main peak. Following this gradual incline up, views of the granite wall that make Little White so notable will come into view along with a small lake below. Be careful along the edge as it can be slippery, something our dear friend Cam Gibbs found out the hard way. At the summit, there's a communications tower and if you're looking at making this hike a multi-day trip, the trail continues on the other side eventually meeting up with the Myra Canyon Trestles. *Note: Little White can often be found with snow late into the season due to its high elevation of 2171m. A good way of knowing if it is snow-free is by checking the nearby Big White webcams, the Bullet Cam is at a similar elevation so it will give you the best idea of conditions.

Getting There

Driving from Kelowna, take Highway 33 east towards Big White. Reset your odometer once you pass the BigWhite turnoff. At 4.5km past the Big White turnoff and turn right onto Okanagan Falls FSR (Forestry Service Road). At 27.2km turn right onto Greyback rd. At 29.8km turn right onto Canyon Lakes FSR. At this point the road conditions will become worse. Only vehicles with good clearance can make it beyond this point. At 36.7km turn left into a small clearing. you should see signs for Little White. Park here.


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