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Maligne Canyon


About Maligne Canyon

Maligne Canyon is a natural feature located in the Jasper Nation Park. Eroded out of the Palliser Formation, the canyon measures over 50 metres deep. Popular for sightseeing and exploration, the area contains waterfalls, stream outlets, birds and plant life.

Getting There

From the parking or picnic area at the sixth bridge, cross the bridge and turn right at the trailhead. Hike east from here on the clearly marked trail. The river is on your right and shortly, you will approach a number of springs, where water flows beneath you under limestone boulders. Hiking upstream, you will find that the springs become more frequent and dramatic. The Maligne valley narrows to a canyon as you reach the bypasses at the fourth bridge... dramatic views get even better. When you reach the third bridge, the hike will become noticeably busy. Near the second bridge, you can go left towards the parking lot and interpretive displays or go right for the more scenic route.


Photos of Maligne Canyon


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