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Mill Creek Regional Park

Kelowna, BC

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About Mill Creek Regional Park

A forested walkway along mill creek leads you to a cascading waterfall, perfect for a dip in the summer. this family-friendly trail is on moderately flat terrain and is a little cooler due to the shade created by black cottonwood trees in the park. this shade creates a haven for mosquitos - bug spray can be essential during the warmer months. several types of wildflower come into bloom during the spring and summer as well as edible berries. animals are prominent in the park and during the past few summers there are a few forks in the road when taking the main route but they all eventually lead to the same place. if you want to be more adventurous, pass the park boundary sign and explore. obstacles such as boulders and fallen trees may be in the way, and there will be a bit of a trail incline. bring a gps if you plan to go for a long hike, it is easy to get lost as the path becomes harder to follow. the park is closed after daylight hours and during the winter.

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