Myra Canyon Trestles

Central Okanagan, BC
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Myra Canyon Trestles

Central Okanagan, BC


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About Myra Canyon Trestles

Myra Canyon trestles are located 24 Km from the downtown, high up in the hills of south-eastern Kelowna area. It has around 16 mesmerizing ancient trestles to its credit next to the Kettle Valley Railway. The drive to Myra Canyon Trestles is magnificent with beautiful farms and orchards are seen along the route and the scenic beauty of golf courses and vineyards cannot be ignored. Myra Canyon which has 2 tunnels and 18 impressive trestle bridges run along the Kettle Valley Railway which was built in 1989 for mining purpose and is continually appreciated by different cyclists and hikers who visit Myra Canyon every year. There are several ways to access the area. You can either hike on the Myra Canyon Trestles, or you can take a guided tour on a bike to the Canyon and you can even take a shuttle from downtown Kelowna, whatever you enjoy doing more, but visiting Myra Canyon will feel like food to your soul with its historical significance and breathtaking view. The road leading to the trestles is not smooth and is full of gravel and stones. However, it is not difficult for most of the vehicles to complete the climb while in the summer and fall season. There is a parking lot available for car park’ facilities for public restrooms and a separate passage available for physically handicapped people and their wheelchair. But there is no cell phone reception in the area which is a drawback. Also available are 14 sitting benches along the Kettle Valley Railway trail for people to sit and enjoy at the viewpoint. Autumn in the valley is captivating. The orange, brown and yellow colours of the autumn go really well with the rustic trestles of the Myra Canyon. Also, the elevation of 1274m makes the valley a lot cooler than the rest of the area and if you wish to visit the valley, you must stay covered to avoid cold.

Getting There

The Myra Canyon Trestle is home to an enticing scenic cyclic route with two major entrances to the valley. If you want to access the trestle then you must enter from the Myra Station parking area access route. After entering within the first 2 km, you will find 6 trestles and a tunnel with a stunning view. The trail length is 12 km but there are no motor vehicles or electric bikes allowed on the trail. Myra Station is a 40-minute drive from the downtown Kelowna. You will have to move with caution on the Myra Forest Service Road since the road is constricted. When you are on the Myra forest road you may come across the parking area after 8 km. An estimated 75 cars can be parked in this large parking area but no motor vehicle is allowed further than this area. There is another entrance to the valley which is called the Ruth Station (also known as June Springs). June springs road will lead you to the White Forest Service Road in 6 km which takes you straight to the Ruth station parking lot. The road to the parking area is uneven which has private property on the sides. The parking area is not smooth and has gravel and dirt but it can accommodate around 30 motor vehicles and also has a toilet facility. You may find a few more parking spaces in the adjoining area but no further than the parking area considering the safety of people on foot and bike. When driving in this area you should be extremely careful because of people on foot and bikers. Parking and sightseeing have no fee at the Myra Canyon and is completely free. Some 70,000 people visit the Myra Canyon every year. Some love to walk the trail while others are into jogging and cycling. The Myra Canyon has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife, history, ecology, and geology but when visiting the valley you must observe caution and aide by the safety procedures to enjoy your trip. Follow the safety instructions as there is steep slope at various points on the trail and avoid littering the area.


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