EASY 1846

Needle Peak

Fraser Valley, BC

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About Needle Peak

Needle Peak is a beautiful, 13km subalpine hike along the Coquihalla Highway. Starting this hike you’ll find a steep switchback climb through a lush forest. After an hour or so, the trail levels off and you’ll experience beautiful sweeping views of the surrounding mountains (including Yak Peak across the highway). Half way in you’ll reach a ridge covered in Inuksuks. To the left is Needle Peak and off the the right, another hour or two, is a pristine glacial lake (a wonderful place for backcountry camping). Behind the lake is the rise to neighbouring Flatiron mountain. The hike is well worth it and a must for serious adventurers in BC.

Getting There

You’ll find the trailhead on the southeast side of the Coquihalla highway, just north from Hope, BC, at exit 217 (go through the tunnel if you’re coming from the north).


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