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Oneonta Gorge Falls

Portland Metropolitan, USA

About Oneonta Gorge Falls

This popular adventure up Oneonta Gorge is extremely unique. You can visit Oneonta Gorge any time of year, but you dare only hike up it when the water is very because you must actually walk up the river, there is no trail.... the river is the trail.

Getting There

You park in the designated areas near the Oneonta Bridge, and walk down to the water on the east side of the bridge. After that, you're on your own. Seems precarious, but it shouldn't be.... thousands do it every year.... and they all survive. Almost immediately you will come to a large log jam stuck in the canyon. Be VERY CAREFUL when crossing this, especially if any of it is wet, because it can be very slippery. After you get across the log jam, now you just walk up the creek.... I mean wade.... in other words....

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