Canso Plane Crash Site

Alberni-Clayoquot, BC


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About The Hike

This hike provides an opportunity to visit the site of a Royal Canadian Air Force Canso 11007 that crashed shortly after takeoff on February 12, 1945. The plane still remains on the side of a hill and is surprisingly fairly intact despite the damage sustained from the crash. The trail to the site is located just south of Radar Hill and it passes through a bog that is extremely muddy, even during the late summer months. Besides this section, the trail is well marked and relatively easy but you should expect to spend a fair amount of time passing through the mud.

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How To Get To Canso Plane Crash Site

From the lower parking lot at Radar Hill, walk back along the road towards the Highway and turn right, walking alongside of the highway heading south. Begin counting the telephone poles as you make sure to stay off the road and away from the passing cars. The trail enters the forest at the 15th telephone pole south of the Radar Hill turnoff. When you are close, there is a very small drawing of a plane on the telephone pole.

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overnight camping

Not Allowed


Went in early July /17. Interesting hike and destination but as others have said, the trail through the bog is EXTREMELY muddy and can be difficult to follow due to the many attempted detours to avoid mud. Stay close to the rope in the trees, follow the yellow markers and flagging tape and you will be OK. Some people came back surprisingly mud free but clean clothes and shoes for when you get back to your car is highly recommended.


Dec 16th 2018

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